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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Program

Treatment for Pediatric Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Incontinence, Nighttime Wetting and Constipation

Full bladder control is typically achieved by 4-5 years of age. Many children struggle however past this age, with increased urgency, holding, frequent urinary tract infections, daytime accidents, bed wetting and constipation. Social and emotional effects are seen as incontinence/pelvic floor dysfunction persists into older age, and left untreated can sometimes lead to further medical problems. Many are often unaware of the conservative treatment options available to help address these issues. KatieBug is excited to offer a Pelvic Floor program specifically for the Pediatric population. This program is carried out by a pediatric  trained physical therapist who evaluates the child using kid-friendly biofeedback software along with assessing patient’s currents habits and diet. Treatment is tailored specifically to the patient with the goal of ultimately having dryer days and a healthier urinary and gastrointestinal system.

Our comprehensive treatment approach uses animated biofeedback (SEMG – surface electromyography – noninvasive) along with these other treatments:

Pelvic Floor Education

Bladder Health and Bladder Retraining

Posture and Breathing Techniques

Toileting Instruction

Bladder Log/Diary

Voiding Schedules

Diet/Water and Fiber Intake and Monitoring

Children are taught about their bowel and bladder health, as well as activating and coordinating their pelvic floor muscles. Research has found biofeedback training to be an effective treatment with children with incontinence.

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