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Love and Commitment.

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Katelyn’s Story

Sweet, playful, and determined…these are words that describe our little Katelyn. She was born with Down syndrome in December of 1995, and from the very beginning she had to work so hard. Therapy never seemed to bother her as it became her norm, our norm. We all worked together daily, incorporating strategies into her life to help her grow and thrive. Though at times this was a great challenge, every goal met, big or small, made it worth it. With every child that is born with a disability a unique bond is created between parent and child. For Katelyn, that bond went deep as she touched the hearts of all her relatives, therapists and friends. It was from her, that we learned. Instead of us teaching her what life was really about, she taught us that every day is a challenge, a new opportunity, and a chance to succeed. Though you may fall, your will encourages you to get back-up to climb higher. Although Katelyn’s time ran out too soon, her playful spirit lives with us today within the memories shared with friends, family members and with us as her parents. In the eyes of those who knew her, she could not have been a more perfect child.

Katelyn Schab
December 9, 1995 – March 29, 1999

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