Many of our clinicians hold additional certifications and skills.

Free 15 minute screenings available for new clients upon request. Contact the clinic to initiate the intake process and to schedule your child’s appointment.

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Related Services

Developmental Therapy

Developmental therapy helps to support the global development of the child. Motivating activities and techniques are used to support the acquisition of functional skills such as daily activities, play, communication, and socialization. The therapist is involved in family training and education to assist the family of a child in understanding the special needs as related to overall development.

KatieBug Therapy developmental therapists are credentialed through the IL Early Intervention Program. Services are provided in the child’s home or community.

Nutritional Services

Nutrition is a very important part of everyone’s health and well-being. Children especially require healthy balanced diets so that they can obtain adequate nutrition for optimal growth and development. Nutrition therapy can be very helpful in assisting children who struggle with meeting their nutrition requirements. By taking a closer look at a child’s daily intake, a Registered Dietitian can help educate parents on how to provide balance and assure nutritional needs are being met. Nutrition services provided at KatieBug Therapy Ltd include:

  • Assistance with meal planning for young children
  • Healthy eating guidelines for both younger and older children
  • Help with picky eaters
  • Portion sizes – how much is enough for your child
  • Sack lunch ideas – healthy meal ideas for food on the go
  • Label reading
  • Diet evaluations to assure daily vitamin and mineral needs are met for good growth patterns
  • Assistance with specialized diets
  • Nutrition interventions for constipation
  • Enteral nutrition therapy assistance
  • Nutrition interventions to assist with overweight/obesity
  • Nutrition interventions to assist with failure to thrive
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